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If you have decided to select a reliable frozen meat supplier, you have come to the right place. We are a global wholesale frozen chicken, beef, and pork exporter. Our goal is to provide healthy meat supplies to promote health and happiness.


Right from the beginning of farming, we give care to our animals. We produce our food from them and choose the best materials and freshest ingredients. Rely on your innovative and quality products that satisfy the highest production standards.


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Our company focuses on safety, quality, and clean food. We align on our resources and expert team members to assure distinction in our services and products. Continuous research and development aspects make us stand apart from the rest. Also, we show respect to our clients with our halal chicken and Halal Beef supplies that are sourced from certified meat-producing plants.

As our core raw materials, we sell beef, pork, and chicken. You will get your items delivered right on time just as fresh as it was before. We follow all the codes to ensure that the food is safe to consume. In addition to our quality assurance, you can rely on our sustainability, innovation, and nutrition values.

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Quality and Animal Welfare

We don’t grow our animals on any random plant, where they are mistreated without proper food and care. Doing business is not only our motto. We also believe in both quality and animal welfare. Taking care of Earth along with others is what we do! If you are tired of buying rotten spoiled meat, choose us.

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Undoubtedly, we are one of the best frozen beef, chicken, duck, pork, and turkey meat suppliers. Moreover, we produce quality meats and sell them at affordable rates. With our team of experts and masterful butchers, we create the ultimate solutions for all raw meat products.

If you want to buy meat from our online store, order now. Also, for any doubts or queries contact us at +55 (11) 3230-9987, anytime.

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JBS delivers frozen meats in multiple countries. Our working experience makes us stand apart from the rest. As you choose us, we promise that you will get quality meat delivered right at your door. We pack our products with the highest quality packaging materials and equipment.